Who is ECER?

East Coast Electronics Recycling is a leader in data destruction and electronic recycling.  With multiple locations in Delaware, we are right around the corner from your business for convenient disposal of your e-waste products. ECER is a full service recycler taking care of your recycling disposal while ensuring that your data is kept safe in the process.  We provide both pick up at your business or have locations all around Delaware to drop off your electronic recycling and we will do the rest.  Just give us a call at 1-877-537-9940 to arrange for your e-waste disposal today.  We take care of everything so you don’t need to.  

Who we service

East Coast Electronics Recycling is licenced to service most facilities in Delaware.  At ECER we pride ourselves in working with hospitals, schools, universities, financial institutions, big box stores and multiple small businesses that support your community.  Looking to do a full corporate clean-out of your old outdated electronics to make way for new technology to support your business.  Let us help with the clean up and rest assured that with the state of the art  equipment used to manage your e waste recycling your data will never end up in the wrong hands. 

How we do it

East Coast electronics has taken the steps required to support businesses like financial institutions and hospitals making sure your data stays secure. At ECER we take our commitment to the next level.  Our state of the art shredder shreds, crushes and separate components of a hard drive making sure it is broken down and can never be reassembled.  With technology rapidly evolving we focus on evolving with it.  With new technology to be sold at high volumes so does the amount of e waste going into our landfills.  

We focus on making our service affordable and accessible to everyone so that we can work together to keep e waste from polluting our landfills with toxic elements found in some everyday electronics.  From container service for bigger jobs to supplying you multiple locations where we have partnered with big name shipping companies to ensure your e-waste is taken care of properly by providing tracking numbers to ensure that your packages arrive safely to our recycling facilities.  Call to arrange a time to drop off or schedule pick up of our electronic waste and we will do the rest.

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