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Did you know that it is illegal to dispose of your old electronics in the household garbage? To avoid falling foul of these regulations and landing yourself a fine, you need to choose the services of ECER Inc, which can dispose of your electrical goods correctly.

ECER Inc is an electronics recycler in Marlborough MA with over 20 years of experience. Our license allows us to collect your e-waste, TV disposal, laptops, PCs, and more and dispose of them legally, ensuring all of your data is secure and safe during the whole process. We have multiple locations meaning we can easily come to you to collect your unwanted electronics for a more efficient and speedy service.

Why Do You Need To Dispose of Marlborough MA Electronics Safely?

Electronics that are no longer in use are fast populating landfills throughout the world. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 60 million ton of electronic waste are discarded each year, with the United States accounting for 10 million of those tons in 2012.

According to the United Nations, by 2017, the amount of electronic waste generated worldwide (estimated to be 65.4 million tons) will be equivalent to the weight of 200 Empire State Buildings. Despite accounting for approximately 2% of all waste in landfills, electronic trash accounts for over 70% of all toxic waste due to high levels of mercury, lead, beryllium, and other dangerous elements. Every year, 14,000,000 cell phones are discarded, resulting in the release of 80,000 lbs. of lead into the environment.

To reduce the pollution that discarded waste can cause to the environment, you need to choose a responsible and licensed provider who can meet not only the highest level of privacy that recycling electronic data requires but can do so reliably and affordably.

Who Can Use ECER Inc?

Recycled components can be used to rebuild and fix existing technology, meaning that not single-handedly are you avoiding sending your antiquated electrical equipment to landfill, but you are as a consequence giving a additional lease of sparkle to further appliances and equipment by choosing a reliable, experienced electronics recycler when ECER Inc.

As all data on your hard drive is shredded, crushed, and separated so it can never be rebuilt, this service is suitable for a wide range of industries.

As technology advances, so does the rate at which older devices and equipment become obsolete. Whether you are an electronics retailer needing to dispose of broken or damaged products, a hospital needing to ensure a compliant company recycles their old electric equipment securely, or even old school computer systems and damaged electronics. At ECER Inc, we pride ourselves on offering a flexible service that can meet the demands of many businesses in Marlborough MA, both large and smaller consignments.

To find out how we can assist you in disposing of your unwanted electronic equipment, including but not limited to;

Call us today at (978) 537-9940 or contact us via our form here to see how we can assist you in meeting the Marlborough MA requirements for disposing of your old and unwanted electrical equipment today.